Software Development

“The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.”

— Peter Drucker


One of our key beliefs at RED Consulting is that technology should be viewed as a tool to solve a problem for people or businesses, not as an end in itself. When seen in that way, Software is developed efficiently and cost-effectively for businesses and entrepreneurs.

We have a software development team in Dubai and Turkey, available to work on your project whether it be creating an app or building enterprise software. We work in a consultative way, understanding your needs and the use case for the software, drawing out a plan with you and a roadmap for how you want the product to grow. We then work to milestones, with initial deliverables such as wireframes so that you are fully involved in the process and have control.

We have software developers with a wide variety of skillsets, from Front End to Back End Developers as well as Application Specialists. We will also provide you with support and maintenance after your project has been delivered and we can help you with other tasks such as integrations, website development, and building optimized e-commerce sites.

Our local presence means that you never feel out of the loop and we are fully accountable, with a strong commitment to delivering on time. We are always excited to hear about new projects and have worked on many successful ones in the UAE and abroad, with excellent customer feedback and testimonials. Give us a call on 800 032 0130 or leave us a note on the right with details and we look forward to bringing your idea to life!


If you are interested in seeing what we can put together for you, then call us on 800 032 0130 for a free initial consultation and idea generation session.

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