Direct Marketing

“There’s a direct relationship between how difficult it is to send a message and how strongly it is received.”

— Howard Rheingold


What’s the first thing that you do in the morning after your turn your alarm off? There’s a strong chance that you immediately check your messages. In fact, research shows that the average person checks their phone 85 times a day! That trend is increasing, with millennials checking their phone 150 times a day.

That means that your brand needs to have a share of that attention and needs to do it in a way that engages with your prospective customer.

We help you with permission-based direct marketing, through helping you nurture an email and SMS list to crafting messages for your existing customers that keeps them engaged. We make sure that your audience receives targeted emails and SMS that are designed to add value rather than spam.

We will also help you efficiently measure the success of these campaigns against KPIs that we set with you, whether that be driving sales, brand awareness or communicating a new initiative to the market.


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