Influencer Marketing

“Do what you do so well, that people can’t resist telling others about you.”

— Walt Disney


People are by nature both social and aspirational. From the advent of mankind, fashions and trends have spread through observing others. Influencers are the 21st Century interpretation of this age-old behavior pattern.

The difference is that with the rise of social media, access to the lives of such figures has become much closer and more direct. This has led to a huge rise in their impact, and indeed influence.

The fact that brands can engage with the audiences of these influencers in a way that feels much more organic than traditional advertisements and in a way that is welcomed by their followers is undeniably valuable. Tomoson shows that on average Influencer campaigns give a return of 6.50 USD per 1 USD spent. Moreover, 49% of customers buy based on product recommendations from Influencers vs 56% that buy based on the recommendations of friends (the holy grail of marketing).

So how can RED Marketing help you with this? We have a network of reliable influencers and micro influencers that we have worked with before. We can introduce you to them, selecting the most appropriate ones for your brand, prep them and measure the ROI and engagement that they bring to you.

We primarily work with micro influencers, which means more work for us but also minimises cost for you without compromising on results. In fact many of our influencers do not require payment, do don’t worry if your budget is tight. Why not give it a chance and see the results that our Influencer network can bring to you?


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