Social Selling Tools – Followup on our LinkedIn Workshop

When it comes to managing inbound marketing and social media, having the right tools is the key to success. As mentioned in yesterday’s meetup session, you can find below some tools that can help you get organised and use social media more effectively for your business.


Hubspot CRM:

Free CRM to manage your leads. Offers integration with Gmail and outlook (I only used Gmail integration) and provide up to 200 email read notifications per month for free.



Great tool to create recipient lists and send targeted emails. Free up to 2000 subscribers. In paid version you can have marketing automation features. You can always export and import your LinkedIn contacts and start sending them personalised emails.



Toplan your social media activities and schedule post, this is one of the best tools. Offers integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, instagram and more.


LinkedIn social selling index (SSI):

FREE tool provided by LinkedIn to analyse how well you are doing on LinkedIn. It generates full report and recommendation to improve your Social Selling Performance.


Boomerang for gmail:

one of the best mail tracking apps out there.


Inbound marketing tools that worth looking into:

HubSpot: Best integrated inbound marketing tool out there. Visit for more information.
SharpSpring: Relatively more affordable inbound marketing tool with Adwords and social media integrations. Visit for more information.

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