Top 5 Suggestions for Eid during COVID-19: A Guide

Eid has always been a time where families gather around breakfast and dinner tables, share stories of old times, and create unforgettable memories. Since our current reality is different due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s gonna be a different kind of Eid this year. As the team read, we are feeling the pain and pressure you all feel and we created this alternative eid guide for all of us.

We all need to take a break and stop thinking about all the negativity going around the world, avoiding the flood of news could be a good place to start. As our health comes first, being extra careful about isolation and social distancing can go a long way. Yes, it is not easy, but keeping our families and loved ones safe is and should always be our top priority.

Here are our 5 suggestions for the Eid holiday.

1 – Spend quality time with your family

Family Time

As modern life brings us a lot of comforts, it comes with lots of distraction as well. Even when we are at home, we find ourselves not being present at the moment, zoning out on one of our tech-devices. This eid, make a difference: put aside your tech gadgets and get involved with your loved ones.  Play games, tell stories, declutter the house, do some gardening – together.

2 – Play board games

Board Game suggestions for Eid

When I look back, some of the most memorable and fun times I had were the times I was playing board games with family and friends. Board games bring people together and help parents to reclaim family time. Through games, parents can create an irresistible offline world that will restore balance, deepen relationships, develop transferable skills and create shared long-lasting memories.


3 – Cook at home and involve the entire family in the process

Children Baking

Cooking home could be a lot of fun. With so many recipes available online, you can find a cooking or baking recipe that can cater to your taste and enjoy preparing it with the family. Depending on the ages of your children, you can pick a dish they would enjoy creating. You can find some really nice inspirations here.

3 – Enjoy your favourite restaurants, order online

Order Food Online

If you don’t feel like cooking or craving a certain food, you can always turn into online ordering platform. With all restaurants and delivery platforms taking all necessary measures to keep you safe, you can have your craving delivered to your doorstep, with contactless delivery.

4 – Disconnect

Disconnect To Re-connect

With constant notifications from your email app, news feed from Twitter, or Instagram, it’s difficult to disconnect from the world and regroup with yourself. Some off-line time can benefit your mental health and wellbeing drastically. We recommend “Headspace” and “Calm” for meditation.

5 – Keep active & exercise

Edi-covid-19 linkedin

Exercising will keep your body and mind healthy. You can take this time to be alone, or, you can organize it as a family activity as well. With so many trainers providing programs online, you will for sure find something right for you. Our top suggestions, “Nike Training Club App” for a general workout, “Asana Rebel” for Yoga, and “T-25” for a high impact HIIT.

How are you planning the spend the Eid holiday? Do you have suggestions to add? Let us know in the comments.

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